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About Me

My name is Becky and I have worked within the NHS for over 18 years. I am a qualified Paramedic so I am used to providing excellent care and treatment. I offer a mobile service where I come to you to safely and hygienically remove wax from your ears. In order to treat you I will need to ask about some health information, this data will be kept securely and will not be shared with anyone.

Privacy, GDPR and your data

Personal data is information that relates to an identified or identifiable individual. For example, an email address, name, phone number, IP address.
Your health data is in a special category as defined by UK GDPR

The UK GDPR defines special category data as:

  • personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin;
  • personal data revealing political opinions;
  • personal data revealing religious or philosophical beliefs;
  • personal data revealing trade union membership;
  • genetic data;
  • biometric data (where used for identification purposes);
  • data concerning health;
  • data concerning a person’s sex life; and
  • data concerning a person’s sexual orientation.

As a data controller I will be responsible for collecting, processing and protecting your personal data and will comply with GDPR principals and regulations.

8 data protection principles

Any data I collect will be fair and legitimate as it will be used solely to inform my clinical decisions and your treatment.

  •  Your personal and medical data will be collected specifically to inform your ear care and treatment and for no other purpose
  • Your personal data will not be disclosed to anyone or any other company or third party
  • In the case of medical emergency or the need to refer you for specialist ear assessment with another qualified health care professional I will ask your permission to share your information prior to doing so or advise you to self-refer. You have the right to have a copy of your notes and I am happy to provide this with no charge.
  • In the unlikely case of collapse or incapacity through medical emergency in a life-threatening event I will pass on only relevant medical related history to specific health care professionals associated with your care
  • Your data will be kept confidentially
  • Your data will not be used for automated decision making or profiting
  • I will only collect personal information which is adequate enough for me to treat you and relevant, for example your phone number so I can arrange an appointment or your ear history so that I can decide if micro suction is suitable. The data I collect will not be excessive only that which is necessary
  • Your data will not be transferred to any other country
  • You have the right to ask me to destroy your data
  • I will keep your data accurate and up to date, please let me know if your personal data does change. I will check this periodically either each time I have a consultation with you or every 5 years.
  • I will not keep data or personal Information longer than necessary. Given that the build-up of wax is slow and so wax removal maybe infrequent your personal information will be kept for 25years. At which point I will seek your permission to destroy or keep it further.
  • Your data will be kept securely in accordance with GDPR legislation. Hard copies of any data will be kept locked away in a secure cabinet
  • Electronic copies of your records will be encrypted and need a pass code to access them

Please contact me at [email protected] if you have any queries regarding your data.


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